The Accidental Detective

The Accidental Detective by Michael RN JonesThe Victor Locke Chronicles Book 1

(Previously published as Holmes Volume 1)

Victor Locke and Jonathan Doyle are perhaps as diverse characters as you could expect to find. In another version of reality, they may have never met. Sometimes the stars align.

Thrown together by the British legal system, they are drawn into a series of perplexing adventures that soon expose the self-deprecating Locke's mastery of data, deduction and logic, along with his casual contempt for both the law and life-threatening danger.

What keeps Doyle so embroiled? What is it that keeps distracting him from his promising career in psychology?  What compels him to while away his nights drinking in the public houses of Baker Street, Middlesbrough?

It can only be the fascinating creature that is Victor Locke.

Published By: Fahrenheit Press


Some reviews from

“Fast-paced, clever, charming, funny, clever, and I should repeat clever.”

“I was caught up in the author's writing style from the first page and was swept along from one case to the next.”

“The pair will make you laugh, gasp, and leave you eager for more adventures.”

“A really fun collection. Manages to merge the feel of Sherlock Holmes with the noir-detective (Hammett) feel of more-modern-menace. Definitely recommended.”

“Loved this book.”


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