The Perfect EP by Melv!s

An all killer, no filler mix of genres that has something for all music fans.

The Perfect EP

The Perfect EP by Melv!s

The Perfect EP is the latest release from Project Melv!s,  It offers an eclectic mix of songs that span the genres of Ska, Funk and Eighties Synth Pop. So called because it contains the track Perfect, this cohesive collection of diverse styles follows the Project Melv!s ethos of creating original but accessible music.

This agglomeration of musical styles has something for all tastes. A five course meal, if you may, with strange and exciting ingredients that somehow just work together. We start off with something exotic, a flavour from a far flung beach, but there’s an element that grabs your consciousness, the sharp citrus flavour of a fruit you’ve not previously encountered. There’s no time to consider it. As you lick the last of that strange and beguiling melange from your lips the next course arrives.

It’s more familiar. A small portion of gourmet street food that is quintessentially British. A concoction of rich cultures that intersperse to leave you wanting more. And then to the main courses, some staples to satisfy your now burgeoning hunger. We start with a hearty slice of funk served with a coulis of delicate soul. What follows casts you back to a simpler time of the more honest emotions of the Eighties. Although it perhaps wasn’t planned like that, it provides comfort and invokes memories you'd thought you’d lost.

Then to finish, A dessert. Something beautiful in its simplicity. Smooth, but far from sweet, it's a salted caramel cheesecake of a song to deliver a perfect conclusion. You’ve been spoiled, so very, very spoiled. You deserve it.

Genres: Latin, Ska, Funk, Electro Pop, Piano Ballad

The Perfect EP is available to steam/download from the following platforms:

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Released on Perfect Records, 31st December 2021