Ten Star Sherlock Holmes

9th Sep 2016

Holmes Volume One

 .... Well, actually it's two reviews of 5 stars but that's just as good.  Either way the Adventure of the Five Star Reviews contunues.

First up we have Susan Hampson of Books From Dusk Till Dawn who took a copy of Holmes Volume 1 on her recent holiday and returned to write these kind words.

Very Entertaining, Very Clever

Even just thinking about the concept of this novel makes me smile because really it shouldn't work, it is bizarre, a crazy idea, but they say that genius and madness are so very close so whichever you are Melvyn Small keep it up!

This isn't a novel about Holmes and Watson rushing through London amongst horse and carriage, no, no. This is Northern Boro donkey jacket wearing and swearing Holmes that has evaded prison by the skin of his teeth. Watson is his therapist/counsellor to help with Holmes' drug addiction but a formidable partnership and friendship happens through default really from the delivery of a message.

Don't think for a minute that Melvyn Small has just used these names in token, far from it, a thoroughly modern computer wizard Holmes may be but he is still definitely Holmes, as is Watson his faithfully sidekick.

This novel consists of 6 short stories which would make perfect travelling reads or for bed before going to sleep but be warned you wont want to stop at one story. I just had to keep going to the end. Very entertaining, very witty and very memorable. I loved the teasing of Watson by Holmes. Watson being like a little boy watching a magician to see if he can work out how a trick is done. Think poor Watson is going to be disappointed.

This makes an interesting and light hearted read, very entertaining. If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes novels then you may even be able to pick out some very clever usage of things from the original but converted and used to fit into modern day society. I shall say no more. Still smiling about this book and very much looking forward to volume 2 due out this year.

I wish to thank Melvyn Small for a copy of his novel in exchange for an honest review.

5 of 5 stars

Meanwhile On The Other Side of The Pond

Richard Lang of Richie`s Reviews provided the following feedback.  Richard hails from Mesquite, Nevada and I did wonder if the humour of Teesside would translate, however it appears I needn't have been concerned as it turns out Sherlock Holmes: Detective, Enigma, Boro Lad is transatlantic.

Sherlock Holmes, modern day computer hacker, Dr. John Watson, his court appointed psychologist, and Detective Inspector Lestrade are the well developed main characters of Melvyn Small's amusing tale. The story begins when Holmes is approached by two FBI guys in search of a file, and ends with the capture of a sadistic killer. But, what's in between is the mastery of Small. The six short stories are well thought out and intertwined, leaving some queries answered and some left hanging. You'll delight to the quick wit, dry humor and quirky dialogue as Small thrusts his characters into each dilemma. In the last 42 months, I've read 337 books, and let me proudly say this one is in the top 10. Nice work Melvyn Small. 5 Stars

5 of 5 stars

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