Melv!s is Number 1

16th Dec 2021

Provisionally Yours is a Fresh On The Net Fave of Faves. 

Perhaps I need to qualify this. A couple of Mondays ago I submitted Provisionally Yours to the Fresh On The Net Listening Post. Fresh On The Net is an independent music blog founded by legendary musician and BBC Radio 6 Music presenter Tom Robinson. Each week they open up their inbox and leave it open until 200 artists have submitted their tracks. The submitted tracks are then reviewed by the Fresh On The Net moderation team and their favourite 25 tracks are featured on the week’s Listening Post for that week. Provisionally Yours was chosen. (Imagine the excitement)

Provisionally Yours by Melv!sOnce the 25 favourites selected by the moderation team have been posted on Listening Post, the web surfing public get a chance to vote on their favourite five tracks and leave their comments.The first three people to leave a comment put Provisionally Yours in their top five (more excitement) and, would you know it, it was selected among the eleven tracks to be included in this week's Fresh Faves and be reviewed by a member of the Fresh On The Net team. (excitement levels getting silly now… perhaps at eleven) The honour this week fell to Andy Page and he said it was his personal fave. In my incredibly unbiased interpretation that puts it number one this week. (The cherry rolls to the top of the cake, Of course, I always knew it was the best )  It goes without saying that none of this would have happened without the amazing talents of Andy Cross, Trumpet, Bennet Holland, Keyboards, Richard Storer, Drums and Tom Henthorn, Production / Mixing / Mastering…

An extract from the review by my new favourite music reviewer follows:

“Provisionally Yours was my personal fave this week and captures that moody Film Noir jazz soundtrack perfectly, it’s Devil In A Blue Dress and Kiss Me Deadly in pure sonic form. The drums plod menacingly like a pair of scuffed wing-tipped brogues in a poorly lit alleyway, muted horns tensely descend down a darkened fire escape, alerting us to the approaching danger, while the electric piano encourages us further into the rat-infested shadows. This is the monochrome, nicotine stained, shadowy world of Chandler & Spillane, double-crosses, switchblades and blackjacks, cheap booze and broken souls looking for redemption at the bottom of shot glasses. My kinda people!”

Click here to read the full review and have a listen to the amazing artists who made this week's list.

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Released on Perfect Records, 4th September 2021

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